The City

Milan is one of the most important Italian cities. It is nowadays the major centre for commerce, finance, publishing and recently media, design and fashion.   Milan is also very popular as a shopping destination and for a great number of museums that reveals its great history along the centuries.

Milan’s origin goes back to 400 B.C., when Gauls settled and defeated the Etruscans against Celt who were about to overrun the city.

In 222 B.C. the city was conquered by Romans and it was annexed to the Roman Empire, getting the name of Mediolanum. It slowly grew in importance over the centuries under the stability of Roman rule and in 293 A.D. became the capital of Western Roman Empire. It was a very important center for the consolidation of the new Christian religion (some Milanese churches by Early Christian origins are: San Lorenzo, Sant’Ambrogio and Sant’Eustorgio). Only a few traces of the Roman period remain in the city such as Columns of San Lorenzo, the ruins in Monastero Maggiore, via Circo and under the Stock Exchange.

With the declining influence of Rome, Milan entered a long period of change. It was conquered in turn by Visigoths, Huns, Ostrogoths and Longobards, after whom Lombardy was named.

The long history of Milan  can be summarized in the following main periods:

  • The Visconti and Sforza Families
  • Spanish and Austrian Domination
  • The Napoleonic Era
  • The Kingdom of Italy
  • Fascism and Post-War Period

Further details about the history of Milan and living here…….

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Air travel information

Milan is well served by three airports:

LINATE airport is located 7 kilometers from the city center.

Detailed information about the airport are available here: Linate aiport

Both taxis and public transport can be used to travel between Linate and Milan city center.

By public transport you can take bus no. 73 (daily from 5.35 a.m. to h. 12.35 a.m., frequency every ~10 minutes) from Piazza San Babila (center of Milan, behind the Duomo). Less frequent (every ~20 minutes) but more direct (no intermediate stops) is the “X73 direct” bus (Mondays/Fridays from h. 7.00 a.m. to h. 8.00 p.m.) that runs between the center of Milan and Linate airport. The bus ticket is € 1.50 per person.

At your arrival the bus stop is just in front of the International Arrivals of Linate airport.
For further details please visit ATM website

MALPENSA is the principal airport for the city of Milan

For detailed information about the airport please visit Malpensa airport

Malpensa has two Terminals, and a free shuttle bus travels between them every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.
At Terminal 1 there are domestic and international flights; at Terminal 2 there are low cost flights.
Malpensa is also connected by bus services with the major northern Italian cities, Linate airport and Milan.

Inside Terminal 1 of Malpensa airport there is the “Malpensa Express” train station, where a dedicated train takes you directly to Cadorna train station (Piazza Cadorna), located in the center of Milan.

There is a train every 20/30 minutes. The trip lasts from 29 to 36 minutes (it depends from how many stops the train will do).
The ticket costs € 12,00. You can buy the ticket online, at the ticket office inside the airport (open from 5.30 a.m. to 12.20 a.m.), or at the dedicated ticket machines.

ORIO AL SERIO airport is located close to Bergamo

It is used by the major low cost airline companies.
The airport is well served by shuttle buses, trains and taxi in order to reach Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.
For timetables and tickets please visit the Orio al Serio airport website


Train travel information

Milan is easily reachable by train. Milan has different train stations but the biggest and most used is STAZIONE CENTRALE. For detailed information about train-timetables, tickets, special fares, etc. please visit Trenitalia.


You can find taxis parked in the “taxi area” throughout the city or by phoning them at the following numbers: 02/8585 – 02/4040 – 02/6969 – 02/4000

The official taxis are white cars with the sign “taxi” on the top and they are equipped with a taximeter to define the cost. Not all taxis take credit cards, please ask before boarding.

There is a special fixed fare of € 95,00 from Malpensa airport to the city of Milan without intermediate stops. Please confirm this with the taxi driver before boarding.

Public Transport

All public transportation in Milan is managed by ATM
There are four major underground lines (MM1 red – MM2 green – MM3 yellow – MM5 magenta) and several buses and tram lines. Please remember that the service starts at 06:00 and the underground stops at midnight (1.00 AM on Saturday nights), while overground trams and buses stop at 2 AM.


You can buy ATM tickets at any of the authorized outlets (bars, tobacconists, stationers, newspaper stands) found throughout the Milan area and on intercity routes. The closest outlet to SEMM at Campus is Bar Devoti, located in Via Ripamonti.

You can also buy tickets in all underground stations at the dedicated ticket machines; these machines accept both coins and bank notes, credits cards and bank cards (please use preferably coins and bank notes).

Several kinds of tickets are available:

  • For a single trip you can buy the urban ticket (“Biglietto urbano”). The cost is € 1.50 and it is valid for 90 minutes after the first validation. During this window of time, you can make as many journeys as you like on buses and trams, but only one access to the underground is allowed (but you can make one trip in the underground and then take buses or trams with the same ticket within 90 minutes). Tickets are validated automatically when you use them to access the underground, but on buses and trams you must validate using the on-board machine
  • Carnet of 10 Standard Tickets. Cost: € 13,80. Validity: 10 journeys 90 minutes each after stamping. Each ticket is valid for a single journey on the underground or rail network, including the urban rail lines of Trenord and the ‘Passante Ferroviario’ (Urban Railway Network). May not be used simultaneously by more than one passenger.
  • We suggest “RicaricaMI” Reachargeable Passes, the electronic card. Detailed information are available here: “RicaricaMI”
  • The closest underground stations to SEMM at Campus are Lodi and Brenta on the yellow line (M3). You can also reach Crocetta station (M3) using Tram 24 (direction Duomo) or on foot (20 minutes walking)






Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1)

Dialing Code



Euro (€)


Banks in Milan are opened Mondays-Fridays from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm (opening times may vary from bank to bank).
ATM cash withdrawals are possible 24 hours a day at any banks in Milan.


No vaccinations are required or recommended for entry in to Italy.

Free first aid services are available to all EU citizens who have a special form (E111) issued by the health authority of their own home country. For non-EU citizens we suggest that you open a special insurance policy for the duration of the trip in order to avoid the cost of possible medical treatments.

In any case first aid services are provided in Milan hospitals. The triage will evaluate your health and will give you a code; for white and yellow codes some fees are required (€ 25,00 ca.).

Medicine can be bought at the pharmacy (“Farmacia”). They are identified by a red or green cross. For some medicines (antibiotics, etc.) a doctor’s prescription is needed.
Pharmacies are open from 8.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Daily time. In the city there are also pharmacies open all night long.


Smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces including conference rooms. shops, restaurants, pubs, discos, hotels, etc. At the meeting venue the smoking is permitted only close the green areas


Milan has a typically Mediterranean climate. It is lucky that the mountains to the north shield the city from the worst of the Arctic chills, but some days there is cold weather. In summer Milan is hot.

Springtime, early summer and autumn could also have nice weather. The summer, especially July and August are very hot and humid. But at every other time of the year it’s well worth giving Milan a chance.

In the last two years the climate changed a lot, so Milan had warm winters and very hot summers; very few rain, without snow.

Useful Numbers in Milan

Police: 113
Carabinieri: 112
Fire Brigade:115
Local Police: 02/77271
First Aid: 118