Which are the Deadlines of the 2016 ESPCR Meeting?

July 4, 2016 – Abstract submission

July 11, 2016 – Notification of Abstract Selection

July 30, 2016 – Early Registration

August 31, 2016 – Late Registration

Which are the Registration Fees?


Phd Students € 300,00 (22% VAT included)

ESPCR Member € 380,00 (22% VAT included)

No Member € 450,00 (22% VAT included)

Industry € 600,00 (22% VAT included)


Phd Students € 350,00 (22% VAT included)

ESPCR Member € 430,00 (22% VAT included)

No Member € 500,00 (22% VAT included)

Industry € 650,00 (22% VAT included)

Can the participants pay in their local currency?

All payment must be done in EU euros (€) to ensure that the full amount is received

Will the participants charged for their payments?

If payments are made by bank transfer we ask that participants pay all bank charges. Eventual unpaid bank charges must be paid at the registration desk

Is it possible to register on-site?

Yes, our registration desk is open every day throughout the event. Please note tha the on-site fees are more expensive

Is it compulsory to submit an abstract?

Yes it is

Can different delegates present one abstract only?

Applicants are allowed to submit one abstract per registered participant. Different delegates with the same abstract will not be accepted

During the arrival day how can I reach the meeting venue?

Please follow the instructions in the section named “Venue” (General Info in the menu’)

Is the hotel accommodation provided for participants?

No the organization is not providing hotel accommodation for participants. The meeting organizers suggest that participants will often find the best room rates online due to periodic pricing variations. In the website section named “accommodation” you will find all the hotels and B&B close to the venue and to the city centre. In this section you will also find how to reach the meeting venue by walking or by public transportation

Oral presentation instructions

Each selected abstract presentation will last 15 minutes (5 minute discussion included)
Each speaker is kindly requested to respect the allocated time of 15 minutes; the organizers will not accept additional time in order to guarantee the respect of the daily program
The meeting organization will provide for the presentations both a Windows PC and a Macintosh, the first equipped with PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader and the second with PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader and Keynote; no personal laptop will be accepted, so for using one of these computers for your presentation please check the following:

  • Make sure to use only the default system fonts (we might not have other fonts you used)
  • Make sure to take/provide a copy of any object/image/video that is linked and not embedded into the presentation (when placing a video into a presentation PowerPoint still needs the original file to play the video)
  • Please don’t use any other software besides PowerPoint, Keynote or Acrobat
  • Please bring your presentation on a memory stick (USB)
  • Please save your presentation with your surname, thanks

Flash talk instructions

No. 7 flash talks are included in the scientific program

The falsh talk will last 5 minutes each; they will include 3 or 4 slides, without introduction, selected among the posters presented by registered PhD students

Please bring your flash talk on a memory stick (USB) and save it with your surname, thanks

Poster instructions

Poster sessions will be held at the meeting venue according to the scientific program

Each poster will be identified by a letter (for the session) and a number (for position)

Poster size: cm. 100 (H) x cm. 70 (W). The Organizing Secretariat will provide you with double-sided sticky tapes

Poster board assignment will be distributed at the registration desk during the registration at the symposium on September 12, 2016


The official language of the conference is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided


By attending the meeting, speakers and participants consent to being filmed and/or photographed for ESPCR purposes

Letters of invitations

Official letters of invitation for VISA application can be requested to the Organizing Secretariat (MZ Congressi Srl) by email to: alice.cazzaniga@mzcongressi.com The letters will be provided just for REGISTERED participants. These letters do not and cannot commit the Organizing Committee and Secretariat to any financial or legal obligation. Please remember that usually 25/30 days are needed for obtaining a VISA . In case the VISA will not be granted to the applicant, the registration fee will be reimbursed

Certificate of attendance

Certificates of attendance will be issued by the Organizing Secretariat email with the official registration to the symposium. The Certificates will be distributed upon arrival at the symposium