Meeting Venue

SEMM at Campus | Via Adamello, 16 Milan, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The European Society for Pigment Cell Research is the focus for a multidisciplinary and highly collaborative community of researchers who study the different aspects of pigment cells. The 20th European Society for Pigment Cell Research Meeting will put together various competences in the fields of tumour biology, dermatology, physiology, cell biology, genetics and genomics, molecular and structural biology and chemistry to better tackle the new challenges that daily occur in pigmentary disorders.
As the organizers of this meeting, we provide a scientific program that will include the main topics of the field, presented by distinguished speakers who will share their knowledge, experience and most recent data with the community.
The goal of the meeting is to foster the collaboration among scientists of the pigment cell research field. Nine sessions will cover the most relevant scientific topics, such as the development and migration of melanocytes, the dysregulation of cell metabolism in melanoma, the role of inflammation in the melanoma microenvironment, the pigmentation disorders, the mechanisms of control and applications of melanins and melanogenesis and the molecular epidemiology.
A special session will host speakers from the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies all over the world.
An interactive session will be dedicated to a discussion among scientists, clinicians and pathologists on how to develop the best melanoma model to translate basic into clinical research.
A satellite workshop will cover the most recent aspects of the role of vitamin D in skin cancer risk and prognosis.
It is our pleasure to host this international meeting and we cordially invite researchers, medical oncologists, professors, postdocs or students to share with us stimulating days of scientific discussion.
On behalf of the Scientific Committee